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Here we “grow” again…..

Hey there #teamleaf! It has been some time since I’ve stopped to chat with you on this platform. Hopefully you’ve been following us on our Facebook page. So much has happened over the past few months. Soooooooo, let’s back up a minute….as you may recall, I  relocated from Maryland to Virginia Beach last fall. Two VERY different places, but I have come to enjoy not sitting in traffic jams on I-495 & I-270. I still visit often (because deep down I really love the traffic..ha!).

LEAF has joined forces with a wonderful organization in Virginia Beach, Community Direct Services (CDS), and as a result so many families have access to many more services. I serve as the Chief Operations Officer at CDS, and also recently became credentialed as a Positive Behavior Support Facilitator for the state of Virginia. We do accept clients that are Waiver recipients and those with medicaid (with prior authorization). If you are interested in learning more about Behavior Consultation, click here  or all me at (757)965-4899. At CDS, we offer many other services such as Personal Care, Respite, Companion, and Sponsor Residential Services. If you are interested in learning more about these services, click here.

As you may or may not know, LEAF started as a tutoring agency in 2011. Over the years, I have kept MY love for teaching, but have made it a priority to ensure that the professionals that provide direct care services for our “au-some” friends are highly trained and remain in compliance with the state of Virginia. At CDS, we have also continued to provide training opportunities to families so that they are able to better support their loved ones. Some of those training topics include behavior support, IEP preparation, an introduction to Autism, and person centered practices. A new service coming under the LEAF program is Doula services. That’s right! Yours truly will begin offering support to expectant mothers that have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, or are expecting to give birth to children with developmental disabilities. As a certified Doula, I will be able to not only support expectant mothers through the life changing process of childbirth, but I will also be able to utilize my years of experience in the special education field during the postpartum period to help new families understand their rights, milestones that their child may encounter, and serve as a liaison between medical professionals and the family.

These are only a few of the changes that we have happening over at #CDS headquarters. My days are spent providing support to our wonderful staff, supporting families, and seeking new ways to be of service. I would love to stay connected with you, and hope that you will check us out on Facebook . Until next time!IMG_0003581496925241302250815


1st Comes Awareness….Then Comes Acceptance!

As many of you know, the various families with Autism that I encounter are so dear to me. I truly feel that I connect with each family on a personal level and our interactions will never be the same; and for that, I am truly grateful. There have been a few changes this year! The biggest one is that I am now located in Virginia Beach and have collaborated with Community Direct Services, Inc. . That means more opportunities to help new families. This opportunity has already given me so many more ideas on how to merge services for families that start with LEAF while young and stay with us through adulthood. Community Direct Services picks up where LEAF ends. For more information on services for adolescents and adults on the Community Life Waiver and ECDC Waiver in Virginia, call (757)965-4899.

Also, LEAF has connected with a sister company in Maryland. That’s right, I have physically relocated, but my heart belongs in the #DMV area, and so do some of the services. LEAF’s sister company is CARAFAP . CARAFAP, founded by Dr. Amanda Carter, provides various services to individuals with special needs. They are located in Oxon Hill, MD, but serve various parts of Maryland and DC.

As a result of these collaborations, Dr. Amanda Carter and I thought it would be wonderful if families were able to come to one spot and get connected with various providers. Many families, especially those in the military, relocate often. Relocation is already tough, but when you add in the stress of having to find new providers, it can become a bit overwhelming. This resource that we have created is called “Verbal Pieces“. Verbal Pieces strives to provide successful matches to various resources through our mission, vision, & purpose.

Mission :
Verbal Pieces will create a safe haven that affords a nonthreatening environment, provides a high continuum of care, and minimizes [day to day adversities] for families of individuals with special needs.
Vision :
Verbal Pieces is designed to instill hope, value, & alignment in each individual to enhance & improve the quality of life. Verbal Pieces’ goal is to create omnipresence in the community at large by helping families build upon social skills, confidence, & self-esteem.
Purpose :
Verbal Pieces will provide comprehensive support & services to individuals with special needs. The purpose is to link these individuals to highly qualified community resources.

In our vision to create omnipresence in the community, Verbal Pieces will be hosting a Winter Holiday Dance on December 18, 2016. It will be held from 4pm-7pm at West Bowie Village Hall. For more information or questions, be sure to email or you can find us on Facebook. We have been spreading awareness for years and will continue to do so but, it is also time for acceptance. The dance is open to the public and we hope that we can fellowship with the community and shatter the myths & stigmas that typically come along with people that have special needs. The dance has an entry fee of $5 per person. I look forward to seeing you there.finaldanceflyer

Father’s Day

I was having a discussion with some friends about the emergence of women receiving praise for #Father’s Day. I won’t necessarily say that it is wrong because growing up, my siblings and I always thanked my mother for everything that she did on Father’s Day. Now as an adult, I don’t necessarily support the idea of mothers getting gifts on Father’s Day, but I understand those that choose to. My thoughts today aren’t about the debate going on around the recent #Hallmark cards, but instead about wonderful fathers around the world. I most certainly want to highlight fathers of kids with Autism.

As I work with students across Maryland, I often see them with their moms. I always see moms at the schools, in the meetings, and just trying to figure this behavior thing out. Every now and then, I see a dedicated father handling the same tasks. Now this isn’t to say that they don’t exist because many of the fathers from these families are typically working around the clock to support the family financially.

Because of personal experiences and my devotion to #Autism #Awareness, I get a little warm and fuzzy inside when I see the fathers of my students being hands on. I know that working with kids with behavioral challenges for a few hours can be quite a task, so I can only imagine having to manage them all day, everyday. I know that you guys don’t get enough credit or recognition, so I wanted to let you know that you are appreciated and your efforts are noticed by those around you.

From us here at LEAF Learning Center, thank you for allowing us to work with your wonderful children. We hope that you have a wonderful Father’s Day!

#Autism365…… Demystifying Autism….One Day At A Time!

So here we are, well into the month of May. The “Light it Up Blue” campaign for Autism Awareness in April has come and gone and you feel proud because you took some great selfies in blue shirts! While I am very happy that you participated, I want that fire to stay alive 365 days a year. Families with Autism face multiple struggles on a daily basis. Autism Awareness isn’t one of those things that I want to see trend on Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn for a week and then die down. Autism is a way of life for many people in the world and it isn’t talked about very much.

I and many others in America heard the #shms (Steve Harvey Morning Show) on Friday, March 27. He was acting under one of his many characters when he made a joke about an adult person with special needs. I personally like Steve Harvey and I respect him as a businessman. When I heard the joke, I was more shocked than upset. I was surprised that a man with such class would make such a joke. In the days of social media, people in certain positions must be careful of jokes they tell. Although he is a comedian, he is also a talk show and game show host. He did offer what I thought to be “kind of an apology” later that day. There is also a video floating around from a mother that responded to Steve Harvey’s joke. Many are saying that the woman is being “too sensitive” and that she should “get a sense of humor”. This brings me shatter a few myths about Autism today.

 Autism is a mental health disorder

Autism is not a mental health disorder. Autism is however, a neurological disorder. There have been a few studies of people with Autism that have revealed abnormalities in their brain structure. I was asked if I thought Autism was a disease. My answer is NO! I believe a disease is something that can easily be found in many people because the symptoms are the same. Autism is comprised of various behavioral and/or social skills that are many times difficult to manage.

Individuals with Autism are violent

This could not be more far from the truth. Because people with Autism may not understand “normal” social cues and sarcasm, they may find it hard to communicate their wants and needs. There are also many people with Autism that are challenged with verbal communication skills. Imagine if there was something that you wanted to tell someone very bad, but you couldn‘t get the words out. I can imagine that it would make you frustrated.  There are a variety of programs available across the world for people with Autism that struggle with managing behaviors. My program located in Maryland is just one of many. I also would suggest a product that I offer that can be used in the home or classroom to promote positive behaviors for kids on the Autism Spectrum.  I have partnered with “Bear on the Chair”  after having tried it myself. My students responded to it very well as they loved to make their bear friend smile. It can be viewed for purchase here  Be sure to use the code word “leaf” .  

All individuals with Autism have mental disabilities

Individuals on the autism spectrum are unique, with a wide range of intellectual abilities that easily can be under or over estimated. There are some tests given that may misrepresent the intelligence of people with autism, who struggle with social skills. Individuals with autism may have difficulty with tasks considered simple, but quickly master complex tasks and concepts. Individuals on the autism spectrum have also earned college and graduate degrees and work in a variety of professions.  Asperger’s Syndrome is on the Autism Spectrum. There are many college professors with Asperger’s.

Autism can be cured

With all of the research being done, there is still currently no cure for Autism. There are many families that have a more difficult time dealing with this disorder because of the lack of social skills and communication skills their loved one has. LEAF Learning Center in Maryland is one of many programs across the country that provides assistance to youth ages 3-21 on the Autism Spectrum. LEAF provides Positive Behavior Interventions to help support youth with academics, learning functional skills, and even on community outings. To support LEAF Learning Center through a donation or for more information, please visit or find us on Facebook at

Autism is caused by poor parenting

In the 1950s, there was an assumption that autism was caused by emotionally distant parents. The exact cause of autism has not been determined as of today. It certainly does not have anything to do with parenting. I personally think that parents of kids with Autism are some of the strongest people on the earth. Day to day, you face the unknown because your child’s mood can change or their sensory needs are in overdrive. I applaud you every day and would never think of saying parenting is the cause of Autism.                                                        

For more information about Whitney King, visit . For more information about LEAF Learning Center, visit  .

Tutor 2 Tutor: A guide to Creating a Tutoring Business

Hi #teamleaf Lovers! I want to share with you a project that I have been working on. This month, I joined forces with a wonderful educator and business owner from Tennessee. She and I completed a book/workbook! This isn’t her first time writing a book, but it was for me and I couldn’t be more excited. So a brief background on the lovely lady that I have partnered with!

LaTishia L. Jordan has been a teacher and tutor for a number of years. She started Micheaux’s Learning Center in 2005 because she wanted to provide a place for students to receive quality tutorial services that would help students succeed in school and reach their greatest potential. LaTishia has worked in the field of education for a number of years starting out as a Mathematics tutor for the math department at Bennett College where she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics. LaTishia continued her education at American Intercontinental University where she received a Masters in Information Technology. She continued to work as a private tutor and eventually joined the faculty at Randolph County Community College where she taught in the Business Education department. LaTishia is currently working on a Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Pre-K through 12 Educational Leadership. She is a 2008, 2009, and 2010 Nashville Emerging Leader (NELA) award finalist and a member of the Young Leaders Council. LaTishia also owns an additional Learning Center, Nashville Learning Center that she acquired in 2013. She loves to learn and is working on making Nashville Learning Center and Micheaux’s Learning Center the best supplemental education providers available to the residents of the Nashville Metropolitan area.

I know….I know……Isn’t she AWESOME! Now that you’ve read a little about her professional history, you can understand why I am so happy to be partnering with her. Now on to the project!

Tutor 2 Tutor is a coaching program for people that have a true interest in starting a tutoring business. The business of tutoring is growing everywhere. With the Common Core Standards finally in place, many parents are realizing they need help. A small tutoring business has a low initial investment and as long as you truly work your business, it has the potential to be very profitable. The Tutor 2 Tutor coaching program covers everything from marketing your business to getting registered with your state. Both LaTishia and myself have started and currently operate successful learning centers, and they began as tutoring businesses! There is a lot of research to be done when starting a tutoring business. Tutor 2 Tutor has taken some of that load off of your shoulders. The program includes weekly coaching calls with myself or LaTishia, a weekly class conference call with a guest speaker, a workbook, and a network of other people that want you to be successful. The program will start on March 2nd has limited space. Don’t let a small investment stop you from a lifetime of financial freedom! For more information, email myself of LaTishia at . Join us and countless others in the wonderful world of tutoring 🙂