Bio: I am a loving mom to 2 beautiful children. I have a Masters degree in Special Education. It took me a while to figure out my path, but I am so glad that I have. I love working with children and get so excited when they learn something new. I am especially passionate about reading. My company, LEAF Learning Center, LLC assists students ages 3-21. LEAF offers specialized tutoring & academic intervention. LEAF currently offers this specialized tutoring to students in Howard, Montgomery, & Prince George's Counties. Whitney King is also a Co-Founder of Tutor 2 Tutor: Tutoring Your Way to Wealth. This is a program that guides entrepreneurs that are interested in opening small tutoring companies. There is also a book that accompanies the program. The book will be available as of March 2015. I do not know everything, but if you ask me...we can certainly find out together. The things I do know are: 1) God is the head of MY life and without Him I am nothing. 2) I believe in the self-fulfilling prophecy...our children grow up to be what we call them. 3) Reading is fundamental. 4) It takes a village of caring people to raise a child...not a village of chiefs! 5)Dreams are the only way to make something out of nothing!

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