1st Comes Awareness….Then Comes Acceptance!

As many of you know, the various families with Autism that I encounter are so dear to me. I truly feel that I connect with each family on a personal level and our interactions will never be the same; and for that, I am truly grateful. There have been a few changes this year! The biggest one is that I am now located in Virginia Beach and have collaborated with Community Direct Services, Inc. . That means more opportunities to help new families. This opportunity has already given me so many more ideas on how to merge services for families that start with LEAF while young and stay with us through adulthood. Community Direct Services picks up where LEAF ends. For more information on services for adolescents and adults on the Community Life Waiver and ECDC Waiver in Virginia, call (757)965-4899.

Also, LEAF has connected with a sister company in Maryland. That’s right, I have physically relocated, but my heart belongs in the #DMV area, and so do some of the services. LEAF’s sister company is CARAFAP . CARAFAP, founded by Dr. Amanda Carter, provides various services to individuals with special needs. They are located in Oxon Hill, MD, but serve various parts of Maryland and DC.

As a result of these collaborations, Dr. Amanda Carter and I thought it would be wonderful if families were able to come to one spot and get connected with various providers. Many families, especially those in the military, relocate often. Relocation is already tough, but when you add in the stress of having to find new providers, it can become a bit overwhelming. This resource that we have created is called “Verbal Pieces“. Verbal Pieces strives to provide successful matches to various resources through our mission, vision, & purpose.

Mission :
Verbal Pieces will create a safe haven that affords a nonthreatening environment, provides a high continuum of care, and minimizes [day to day adversities] for families of individuals with special needs.
Vision :
Verbal Pieces is designed to instill hope, value, & alignment in each individual to enhance & improve the quality of life. Verbal Pieces’ goal is to create omnipresence in the community at large by helping families build upon social skills, confidence, & self-esteem.
Purpose :
Verbal Pieces will provide comprehensive support & services to individuals with special needs. The purpose is to link these individuals to highly qualified community resources.

In our vision to create omnipresence in the community, Verbal Pieces will be hosting a Winter Holiday Dance on December 18, 2016. It will be held from 4pm-7pm at West Bowie Village Hall. For more information or questions, be sure to email verbalpieces@gmail.com or you can find us on Facebook. We have been spreading awareness for years and will continue to do so but, it is also time for acceptance. The dance is open to the public and we hope that we can fellowship with the community and shatter the myths & stigmas that typically come along with people that have special needs. The dance has an entry fee of $5 per person. I look forward to seeing you there.finaldanceflyer

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