Hey #teamleaf. I was having such a crappy afternoon……people weren’t responding to emails, traffic was a mess, a guy in the phone store angered me, my hand sanitizer exploded in the car…… I was far past annoyed. Well I went to pick up one of my au-some buddies so that we could go shopping and then head to dinner at his school. As soon as I arrived, my blues went away. We went shopping and he was conversing with anyone that would listen…..of course we ran into the occasional few that thought it was too much labor to smile and wave back….I was getting upset, but he smiled and waved at them anyhow….then he kept going…..my anger immediately subsided.

I’m now at a dance for my au-some friends and I’m so filled with emotion. I’m sure these children have faced all kinds of strange looks, whispers, and have even been ignored……yet they are here…..happy….and dancing the night away.  I’m often asked why am I in the #autism field when I’m not personally affected by it. I never have an answer and I still don’t….all I can say is that this is my purpose. My purpose is and will always be to spread acceptance and #autismawareness…..encourage families that feel on the edge to keep going. For whatever reason, God gave me this gift and on tonight I can only thank Him for it. I am so in love with my passion and it is my passion that reminds me that life is beautiful and it isn’t that bad! Parents of my au-some friends…..I stand with you……I may not understand your emotions, but I will gladly listen and not judge you for them.
Remember when you see a stranger waving and smiling that it could be one of my au-some friends……it will only take a second….but wave back. Also, remember…….people all over the world are facing worse things than you and I…..it’s not that bad
#autism #autismawareness #teamleaf #autism365


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