Who is Whitney King???

Hi guys! I want to take a moment and step back. There have been some new members of #teamleaf to join us on the blog quest and I want to reintroduce myself. For those that don’t know, my name is Whitney King. I am a Special Educator and the Executive Director of LEAF Learning Center in Rockville, MD. LEAF is geared towards providing academic and behavioral support for those with special learning needs and #Autism. I am a graduate of South Carolina State University  ‪#‎scstate_rys15 & Liberty University for my Masters Degree. I am the mother of two little ones that I truly adore. I love to do several things, but my love and passion for education will burn until forever. I really love when I am working with a student and they finally get the task done correctly and excitedly, with little to no help from me.

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The purpose of this blog is so that fans and followers of LEAF Learning Center can get to know me on another level and also get my insight on issues in the news. On the Facebook page (facebook.com/learnwithleaf ), we are mostly posting pictures, sharing videos, sharing content, and even discussing ideas. There really isn’t an appropriate time to discuss how I feel personally about different issues, so I decided to create my own corner of the world in order to get it done.  A majority of my topics will be related to #education, #autism facts & myths, & #autismawareness .  Once I make a blog post, there is space at the bottom where you can leave a comment. If you would love to be informed about LEAF news, please feel free to email us at theleaftutor@gmail.com or contact us on FB.

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